yellow green glow powder


Product Description ? ? ? ? Photoluminescent pigment

Model ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? YG-B2, YG-B3, YG-FA6, YG-201-RW, YG-202-RH

Glow Color ? ? ? ? ? Yellow green (Emitting light Wavelength Peak: 520±2nm)

Application Scopes

Brush/roller paint indoors/outdoors, screen printing, signs, castling plastic,silicone rubber,

textiles,toys and arts, etc.

yellow green glow powder
yellow green glow powder

Typical chemical properties

Composition ???????????Strontium Aluminate dopped with Europium Dysprosium oxides.

Insoluble in ????????????organic solvents, water

Decomposition by ???????Strong acids, strong alkalines

Fastness to heat ?????????-40~500℃

Typical physical properities

Appearance ????????????Yellowish crystal powder

Specific gravity ?????????3.6g/cm3

Bulk Density ???????????1.21g/cm3

Particle size distribution ??10% <35um, 50% <65um, 90% <85um.

Typical luminescent properties

Excitation ??????????????all visible light and UV light (200~450nm better)

Glow Color ?????????????Yellow green (Emitting light Wavelength Peak: 520±2nm)

Afterglow Intensity after ???10min >450 mcd/m2

60min >53.0mcd/m2

600min >3.85 mcd/m2

Afterglow intensity(to 0.32mcd/m2): >5310min under norm DIN67 510

Testing result data

yellow glow powder

Lifespan:????? >15years under well packing condition.


  1. Toxic: NO.
  2. Radioactive: NO.

Emission peak: Related to the glowing color, 520nm =Yellow-Green

yg-201 data

Other data:

  1. Using Condition(recommended):

With all colorless, transparent medium, such as ink category,paint,plastic resin,

silicone rubber,ceramics,glass etc.

  1. Storage Condition:

Storage Condition: In cool, dry and ventilated place, with temperature -50~60℃

  1. Packing:

20g/100g/500g/1kg/with heat-sealed bags,

25kg/iron pail lined with plastic bags.

  1. Norm Complied:

EN71-3, RoHS, DGM.

  1. Norm Exceeded:

PSPA Class-D, JIS-Z9107 JD.

IMO A.752(18), ISO 23601, UL924,

ASTM E2030/E2072/E2073,

ATPA SS-PS-002-98/SS-PS-004-99,

BS 5499-1 2002, NYC Law 26.

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