Fetures of our products


  • Non-radioactive,?non-toxic.
  • Harmless, nonflammable and non-explosive.
  • Free of lead, phosphorus, heavy metal and harmful elements.
  • They?always?work. Once being charged, remain glowing for hours continueously, and repeatablely.

2) Stable

  • Stable in physical and chemical property. Resist heat up to 1100 Celsius degree.
  • Explosion?proof,?vapor?proof.
  • Do?not?turn?black?after?being?exposed?to?UV?light for a long time.

3) Energy efficient

  • Consume?no?electricity?and?need?no?electrical?circuits?to?work.
  • Free of battery, free of electric power, light energy such as sunlight, lamp light, all visible ambient lights, UV light, etc. will charge it and make it glow in the dark.
  • 10minutes charging, tens of hours glowing in the dark.

4) Eco-friendly

  • Decomposed in acid and reaction products are safe to environment and human.
  • No?hazardous?radioactive?wastes.
  • No polution to air and water.

5) Cost Effective

  • No?battery?backup?and?are?maintenance?free.
  • No?disposal?problems.
  • 20+years lifespan, indefinitely repeatable using.

Product Description

MF SrAl2O4.Eu,Dy
Usage ?Paint Pigment, Ink Pigment, Plastic & Rubber Pigment, Resin, Coating Pigment, Ceramic Pigment, Cosmetic Pigment
Type Made from rare earth phosphorescent pigments
Style ?Inorganic Pigment
Appearance color Yellowish, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange etc
Glow color ?Yellow-green, Blue-green, Green, Blue, Orange-red, Pink, Yellow-orange
Heat resistance ?-40 ~ +1100C
Application Screen Printing , Brush Paint, Roller Paint, Spraying Paint, Plastic Dip, Silicone Rubber, Textile Tying, Toys, Arts, Safety Signs.
Lifespan >20years
Norm Matched ?RoHs, ISO9001, PSPA, IMO, ASTM, APTA, JIS Z9107

Production Technical Index

Item Bule-Green grade Yellow-Green Grade
Typical physical properities
Appearance Yellowish crystal powder
Specific gravity 3.6g/cm3
Bulk Density 1.21g/cm3
Particle size distribution 10% <80um, 50% <120um, 90% <150um.
Typical chemical properties
Composition Strontium Aluminate dopped with Europium Dysprosium oxides.
Insoluble in organic solvents, water organic solvents
Decomposition by Strong acids, strong alkalines Strong acids, strong alkalines, water
Fastness to heat -40~850℃ -40~500℃
Typical luminescent properties
Excitation all visible light and UV light (200~450nm better)
Glow Color Blue green (Emitting light Wavelength Peak: 520±2nm) Yellow green (Emitting light Wavelength Peak: 520±2nm)