For glow in the dark coating, we have?complete glow in the dark pigment for this usage. No matter spray coating, brush coating or other usages, you will find suitable glow in the dark pigment in the following list.

The usage of glow pigment for glow in the dark coating is very simple, you just mix the pigment with the transparent?material. We have unique waterproof?technology which got Japanese plant 2016, it is?Specialized research and development for waterbased glow in the dark coating.

Whether indoor or outdoor the glow in the dark coating you used, our glow in the dark pigment will show the best performance.




Glow Color

The Average Particle Size

D50 (Mesh)

Afterglow Brightness (mcd/m2) ?

?TDS Download

10min 60min
YG-D4 ?Yellow-Green 250 386 51 ?DOWNLOAD
YG-C4 ?Yellow-Green 250 294 38 ?DOWNLOAD
YG-LL4 ?Yellow-Green 250 416 53 ?DOWNLOAD
YG-F6 ?Yellow-Green 400 366 48 ?DOWNLOAD?
YG-SFD15 ?Yellow-Green 400 163 22 DOWNLOAD?
YG-C2 ?Yellow-Green 100 702 96 DOWNLOAD
YG-C3 ?Yellow-Green 200 395 56 ?DOWNLOAD?
BG-B3 ?Blue-Green 200 345.5 49.44 DOWNLOAD
BG-B4 ??Blue-Green 250 311 28 ?DOWNLOAD
BG-B2 ??Blue-Green 100 734.2 92.56 ?DOWNLOAD

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