For?Glow in the dark Ceramic?process, We suggest our?High-temperature resistance?glow in the dark pigment, YG-405-RH has?an excellent high-temperature?performance, you can mix the glow in the dark pigment with Ceramic glaze. To make sure the?glow in the dark ceramic?has a perfect glow effect you should pay?attention to following items.

1. Generally, the glow in the dark pigment can?withstand 1250 ℃ for less than 30 minutes. Before you make the?glow in the dark ceramic?product, we suggest you test the pigment first. You can also?Consult us and tell us the details about you?glow in the dark ceramic?process, we can also do the OEM for you.

2. The? Ceramic glaze Raw materials should be transparent. More transparent the ceramic glaze is,?the glow effect will be better.

3. For better glow effect, we suggest making?a white layer first, and then put the glow in the dark ceramic glaze on it.




Glow Color

The Average Particle Size

D50 (mesh)

Afterglow Brightness (mcd/m2) ?

?TDS Download

10min 60min
YG-405-RH ?Yellow-Green 20 1268 166 ?DOWNLOAD


We have various color?glow in the dark pigment, such as yellow, red, white, lemon green, green, pink red and etc. you can find the details of color glow in the dark pigment below.

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