glow golf

Glow Golf Description

Glow Golf is huge with mini golf players and regular golfers alike, because the glow golf?balls are professional night golf balls which are designed for everything from gentle putting to long distance drives.

These balls enable golf courses to accommodate more twilight golfers. Besides, if glow in the dark equipment, balls included, is made use of, night tournaments can be easily promoted and hosted. Albeit being a late entrant in the market, these balls have become quite popular, especially with those golfers who play their golf in the evenings and often have to usually suspend their last rounds due to lack of light.

Glow golf is great for playing on the course or for practicing in one’s backyard. So, now you don’t need to interrupt your game solely because it’s getting dark. In fact, you can keep playing all night. Glow golf?is also great for people who have a busy schedule and find it hard to fit their golfing time into the same. With glow golf, you can choose to play whenever you have free time and the best thing of all about playing golf at night is that you get to avoid the crowds and heat.

Glow golf

Quite contrary to popular conception, these balls are not toys but are like any other professional golf ball, the only difference being that they glow in the dark. (These golf balls need to be used with?glow in the dark powder?that makes the ball glow.) With its rising popularity and demand much new technological advancement such as Jolin Corporation glow golf ball.

Glow Golf Data Sheet

Size Diameter:42.7± 0.3mm
Hardness 80
Weight around 45-46g
Compression 80-85%
High Durability Can Be Hit 800 Times
Diameter 42.6-42.8mm
Type of core Solid
Core Material Sythetic rubber
Cover Material Eco-friendly Surlyn /urethane Dupont Acrylic
Cover Softness Score/Shore D 70%-80%
glow golf
glow golf

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