Glow Brush Paint

Glow Brush Paint

Jolin Glow Brush Paint is a water-based Coating, the water can be used as the paint’s Thinner, for brush?usage the water should be 10% to?attenuate. Glow brush paint is?non-toxic, harmless, and environment-friendly.

Jolin Corporation glow Brush paint can be painted on wall, ceiling, woods,?metal.?The paint is “charged” with exposure to light and when the painted object is placed in the dark, the paint emits light and appears to glow bright Yellow Green.


The intensity and length of the glow period depend on the thickness of your paint layer. We recommend applying multiple layers until the result you desire is achieved. The glow effect is strongest after exposing the painted surface to a strong light source and then immediately viewing the work in complete darkness.

Note?— the?glow brush paint has limited resistance to weathering, light, and UV influences. We recommend sealing your completed work with Varnish.

It cannot be instead of LED light. It will release 99% light in the FIRST hour, and keep a visible light in rest hours. The lighting trend is as follows.