Glow In The Dark Powder FAQ

What is glow in the dark pigment?

Glow in the dark pigment is also called Photoluminescent Pigment. It can absorb all visible light, such as UV light, sunlight, lamplight and etc. It is like charging, then release the light in the dark.

What lights for glow in the dark pigment to absorb?

All visible light can be absorbed by glow in the dark pigment. UV light and sunlight is the best light source

Which kind of medium does pigment can mix with?

It can be mixed with transparent and colorless medium, such as lacquer paint, ink,?resin, rubber, silicone, plastic,glass, ceramic. etc. For?water?base?liquids,?water resistant pigments?are?applicable.

Is Jolin’s glow in the dark powder pigment green, safe?

Absolutely, the powder is non-radioactive, non-toxic, and environment friendly. We have EN71-3 certificate to confirm that.

How bright and long does pigment actually glow

The glow effect depends on many factors. Such as surrounding brightness, addition rate, the particle size, light source, etc. Different condition different glow effect.

Such as using in outside, it will be affected by the moonlight and lamp, so the glow effect must different with using in all dark environment.

What medium can this pigment mix with?

Glow in the dark pigment can be mixed with a transparent and colorless medium, such as paint, ink, resin, rubber, silicone, plastic, glass, ceramic, and etc, but not touch strong acid and alkali.

How bright is glow in the dark pigment?

Glow in the dark pigment brightness depends on the particle size. The bigger the brighter. For example, 100-micron glow in the dark pigment, the initial brightness data is around 14,000 mcd/m2, and 100 mcd/m2 at one hour later.

How long will glow in the dark pigment actually glow?

Under Germany Standard DIN67510, the photoluminescent pigment can glow 8-12 hours depending on different grades.

Will this pigment keep the same brightness

No. The glow in the dark pigment will release 99% brightness in the FIRST hour, then keep a visible light for the rest hours.

Is Glow in the Dark Pigment safe

Yes. glow in the dark pigment is non-radioactive, non-toxic, and environment-friendly. We have passed EN71-3 Environmental Standards test.

What is the life span?

It is 15 years minimum.

What is this pigment’s formula?

Yellow-Green: SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy

Blue-Green: Sr4Al14O25:Eu,Dy

Can it be grinded

No. If ground, the particle surface will be damaged, It will not glow anymore. We have a different particle size from 15 microns to 800 microns for different usage.

Waterbased Glow in The Dark Coating FAQ

The Medium of Glow in the dark Coating

It needs to be mixed with the TRANSPARENT medium, the more transparent, the better.

What is the PH Value

Do NOT touch with STRONG ACID and ALKALI. Keep the PH value at 5-7.

What is the Life Span of Glow in the dark Coating

The lifespan of glow in the dark pigment is 15 years, but for Glow in the Dark Coatings, it depends on the lifespan of the transparent coating.

The Dispersing of Glow in the Dark Coating

Do NOT touch with IRON when dispersing, but stainless steel is ok. The dispersing speed is the slower the better.

The Glow in the Dark Coating Settlement

Suggest using immediately after mixing. If have to put for some days, make the viscosity to 120-150KU. When using it, add some thinner in, mixing and use it in a short time.

Solvent based or Water based

We have solvent based pigment and water-based pigment.